The youth of any country is the future of the country in the same way Indian youth is soon turning out to be an important aspect and the youth always wishes to be a change in the country. We all as a child study together as best friends but as we grow up we feel that being the same is different in various ways. For example, we have different religions, different castes, and different races. But we never want to be separated from our best friends just because of this stupid reason so the youth raises voices against discrimination.

Citizens exercise freedom in various ways:

  1. Encouraging others to share their views even if your views do not match is a democratic practice.
  2. Encouraging conversation across different people having different opinions is a democratic practice.
  3. Respecting different views is even a democratic practice.

Youth can transform democracy in many ways using:

Social Media: Social media is the biggest platform where one can share his/her views all over the world. Many leaders use social media as a campaigning platform and here the youth of the country can criticize any point they feel is wrong in different ways this way the idea can reach all of the youth and some favor and some oppose the decision and can be a change for the whole country.

Voting:  Another change can be made by youth is when they realize that they can vote now and can choose their own representative. In 2014 almost 150 million were new voters which are a huge figure and can make a big change.

Running a protest: Youth with its encouraging ideas have the strength to change the world. They have the courage to handle the country in a better way than other politicians these days.

Decision making is another factor that helps youth change democracies.

According to the study, India is the largest democracy in the world and half of the population below 25 years of age. This is the largest group of youth in any country, any time in history. Thus the future of democracy in India depends on how youth engage in the coming period.

So youth and democracy are well-linked parts of any country.

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