The best characteristic of Pisces

    Pisces which is a watery sign is considered as way too much moody, mysterious, and artistic. If you are a Pisces woman then you can relate to this article very much and if not, then it can help you to understand Pisces characteristics both negative and positive. If you are born between 19th February to 20th March (according to Wikipedia) then you fall in the category of Pisces. Being the last sign of the zodiac, this sign is complete in itself. Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world, they live in their own imaginary world.

    Pisces Sign: The Water sign brigade of Pisces says all about the feelings of Pisces.

    In this article we will explain all the positive and negative traits of Pisces Women:

    Let’s Jump to the list of positive traits of Pisces women:

    Pisces sign is ruled by Neptune. Pisces are the most artistic zodiac sign. They have a very different perspective on the world and this allows them to have a very different view about the world and people out there. They have a very creative mind and their creative mind has no boundary.

    Pisces women are way too much emotional. They can cry even at a minute thing. As we all know all watery zodiac signs are emotional. If someone else is crying in front of them, then they are likely to cry as well. They can feel sadness in your voice.
    So these things are enough to explain that Pisces are very much emotional.


    Pisces women are a box of secrets. People will always be curious to know more about them because they are very mysterious and nobody knows them 100%.

    Pisces women are very calm and shy and this can make a guy fall for her more easily. Along with this shy nature of them, they are introverts and they don’t disclose whatever they are feeling.

    Pisces women are selfless, they are not mean. You can say whatever you want to her, but she didn’t revert you back with something ugly.
    For them, revenge is not the answer. They have a very selfless nature no matter how badly you treat them they will always be there when you need someone.


    They are born in a zodiac sign which is so honest. They will give the best review, they won’t say anything to make you happy or give you any hope. They let all things straight forward.

    As stated earlier they are selfless. No matter how badly you have behaved with them, whenever you need them they will always be there for you.

    Negative traits of Pisces:

    Yes, Pisces are very careless one can’t delegate important work to them. They have a very casual and childish nature. They can create big trouble in this case. They forgot some things which are very much important.

    Pisces have super duper mood swings you can predict that in one second she will be happy and in another, she can be super irritated or frustrated. So you need to handle them with care and calmness.

    Super Lazy:

    They are a very lazy person and tries to get out of a situation without giving their hundred percent in the same. Not just physically but they remove themselves emotionally as well when they feel that things will not get right no matter how much they try.

    Negative thoughts:
    If a bad thing happens to Pisces it is very difficult for her to get back to their normal life because they keep getting negative thoughts and flashbacks of the same from time to time. It is very difficult for them to get over something bad.

    Short temper:
    Pisces live their life very happily but you have no idea how a small thing or any word can piss them off. And anger is always on the tip of their nose. So always be careful will dealing with them.

    Pisces woman compatibility :

    The following are the most compatible zodiac signs:


    Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs. Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is very strong. They have both emotional and physical strong relationship, and having an amazing sex life is what make them perfect for each other. But the main problem that arises is that of trust. When it comes to trusting each other in a relationship they face a huge problem.

    Pisces and Aquarius
    have an amazing chemistry and one can’t get bored of the same. They have strong due to the bond of Neptune.

    How to attract a Pisces:

    Attracting a Pisces seriously can be a tough task. Because they will not impress by your wealth, style, or money. They need more things than these. But once you are able to attract them they are very loyal.
    There are some tips to attract a Pisces.

    Take initiative:
    Pisces loves people who take initiative and ask them first. So never expect a Pisces will come to you just take the first step and you will win in the first point of attracting a Pisces.

    Be yourself:

    When trying to attract a Pisces just be yourself because they love people who don’t pretend to be someone else or who tries to copy other.
    Just be the best version of yourself and open yourself up in front of them.
    There is nothing about shyness just do everything with full confidence.

    Pisces career advice and the best for them:

    Pisces Career:
    Pisces live in a very dreamy world of themselves. They are very lazy and if they are working in a 9 to 5 job then chances are that they will be late 90% time.
    The best career for Pisces is one that involves imagination, vision, and empathy.

    So these are some amazing facts about Pisces charm. So if you are a Pisces girl you can relate to many points in this article. And if you are a boy who wants to have a Pisces girl in your life, these characteristics of Pisces woman can help you a lot.

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